Welcome to OpenSHORE

OpenSHORE is an XML based Semantic Document Repository (SDR) with a free definable meta model that builds up a semantic network from sections and relations in documents.

OpenSHORE is an hypertext repository: The repository stores objects that appear in documents together with their relations in the semantic net. Hypertext navigation follows these relations in the semantic net.

The acronym SHORE stands for Semantic Hypertext Object Repository.

The OpenSHORE server works as a HTTP Server, the client is a standard web browser. The repository uses PROLOG as its query language and the XSB system as its query engine.

OpenSHORE is developed as an open source project and was initially made available by Capgemini sd&m under the Common Public License. Applications of OpenSHORE are source code repositories for software development or reengineering projects or in general tools for knowledge management.


last update on 28.03.2009 http://sourceforge.net/projects/openshore